◆ Initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19


    Preventive measures of COVID-19 for bus tours


Thank you for choosing Tabbit Tours Co., Ltd.

We will be planning and conducting tours upon the guidelines of the

"Travel Industry COVID-19 prevention Guideline"





In order to carry out your trip safely, we will confirm your health condition in advance.



If you are physically ill on the day of your trip, you will not be able to participate.

Please understand and cooperate.

In terms of bus trips, we have taken the following measures to "prevent the spread of COVID-19"



Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19


GoTo campaign promotion


According to the details of GoTo travel campaign published  by

the Tourism Department (Tourism Bureau)

of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism on July 10, 2020




 We will be announcing Tabbit Tour's GoTo programs shortly.


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Large , Mid and small sizes buses are available. Upon your needs , we are able to arrange "VIP class" bus as well.

Ibaraki Prefecture and Ibaraki Astro Planets Base ball teams

Poster Print bus available


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Started "service bus" service for Bicycle Tour.  This bus can carry max. of 10 bicycles/time

Tiger Air Charter

Round-trip Ibaraki APO and Taipei. Weekend/Thur. dept., Return on Sun.  4day trip Yen47,800~


Summer Vacation Charter Flight 

Dana/Vietnam - Ibaraki APO



Golden Week Charter

Hanoi/Vietnam ~Ibaraki APO


Year end/New Year


~ Ibaraki Charter



Company Trips

Training Camps

Business trips


Ibaraki North

Gourmet Tours



Ibaraki Astro Planets

Baseball team

Mito EIKO Women Soccer

Tsukuba Sun GAIA Volley Ball Team



有名ブランドスーツケースから便利グッズまで、 旅の準備はネットでらくらく準備!